Published the Road-map for Flying Cars! Start business in 2023!

Today, December 20, “The fourth council of officials and non-officials for transportation revolution” was held.

The representative for CARTIVATOR, Tsubasa Nakamura , and the representative for Sky Drive Inc., Tomohiro Fukuzawa, are participated in the council as members. The road map discussed frequently was published today. We will start business in 2023 (5 years later)!

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The road-map of starting business in 2023(5 years later) is certain with our milestone!

The Minister of Economy, Trade and industry, Mr. Seko, strongly mentioned that “ Never turn out to be nothing but pie in the sky and try my best to overcome lots of issues like system organization, development of technology etc..”

SkyDrive Inc. - Flying car

SkyDrive Inc. is a start-up for development / manufacturing / sales of the “Flying cars” established by CARTIVATOR members.


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