Leading flying car developer SkyDrive, established by the members of CARTIVATOR, a group of aircraft, drones, and automotive engineers, has secured 14 Million USD through Third-party share issuance funding and subsidies. A total of 18.5 Million USD has now been raised and manned test flights will begin this year.

Contributing venture capital partners of SkyDrive Inc. include Drone Fund, Z Corporation, STRIVE III Limited Liability Partnership, ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc. and Energy & Environment Investment, Inc. The president of STRIVE III Limited Liability Partnership, Tatsuo Tsutsumi, steps up as outside director of SkyDrive Inc.

SkyDrive Chief Executive Tomohiro Fukuzawa said:

“We are delighted to be able to announce this financing breakthrough, which is testament to our hardworking team and speed of development. Securing the backing of these investors will be instrumental in getting our world-leading technology off the ground and into the skies.”

“We are clear that our product will improve the lives of consumers right across the world by providing efficiency of movement and creating happiness in flying – be it linking people to jobs, their family or a dream holiday. Flying cars will be the travel mode of the future and today we took a giant leap towards making that happen.”

In additional to focusing on the landmark upcoming manned test flight, the company is working on product development and certification. The next phase in SkyDrive’s expansion plan is to recruit talented and passionate people to achieve the collective goal of bringing “Flight for All”.

Comments from investors:

Drone Fund / Co-representative : Mr. Kotaro Chiba

(Chiba Dojo Drone Department No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership)

“The Japanese government decided to start the industrialization of Flying Cars in the Growth Strategy Cabinet meeting in fiscal 2023. If the flying car is implemented, we will be able to shorten travel times and it will be possible to develop new routes. SkyDrive Inc. has been steadily moving forward, including the first successful outdoor flight experiment in Japan since its establishment last year. We are also actively involved in rule making, such as participating in public-private councils for the sky mobility revolution. We hope that this funding will further advance the development of safe vehicles.” 

Z Corporation Inc. / President and Representative Director : Mr. Toru Takada

(Z Fund No. 1 Investment Limited Partnership)

“Many people may have dreamed of riding a flying car. I am one of them. SkyDrive Inc. strives day by day with high technology and passion toward the achievement of “Free Flying Era” and we are honored to be able to accompany it as an investor. I will give my best to support with all the investors who participated this time.”

STRIVE III Limited Liability Partnership / Representative Partner : Mr. Tatsuo Tsutsumi

(STRIVE III Investment Limited Partnership)

“Don’t you feel excited with the word “Flying Car”? When I heard the presentation for the first time, I decided to invest to realize the vision of SkyDrive Inc. together. High levels of technical expertise and Business development capabilities to maintain the environment by getting various stakeholders involved. I would like to support thoroughly with these two strengths as a lead investor.”

ITOCHU Technology Ventures Co., Ltd. / President and CEO : Mr. Shinzo Nakano

(Technology Ventures No. 5 Investment Limited Partnership)

“SkyDrive Inc. has gathered talented people from various industries to achieve the future of “Flying Cars”. We invested this time to sympathize with and support the challenging future they envision. In order to elevate the company to become a Japanese company that can win the world, we will provide extensive support in the areas of fundraising and business development while sweating together.”

Energy & Environment Investment, Inc. / President : Mr. Shuichiro Kawamura

(EEI No. 4 Innovation & Impact Investment Limited Partnership)

“The Paris Agreement was agreed in 2017, and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are accelerating further around the world. The spread of EVs have already begun in car industry, and the electrification of aircraft / helicopters is about to begin. In this situation, SkyDrive Inc. aims to enter into the world market in this field, so we are very honored to participate, and we will do our best to support not only the environment & energy sectors.”

About SkyDrive

SkyDrive Inc. was established by the members of CARTIVATOR, a group of aircraft, drones, and automotive engineers. In December 2018, the first Japanese outdoor flight test of a flying car (unmanned) was conducted with regular testing throughout 2019. Japan's largest flying car flight test field (as of September 2019) was opened in Toyota City in June 2019 as part of a “partnership agreement of flying car development for the creation of new industries” with the cooperation of Aichi Prefecture and Toyota City. Development for this year’s manned flight test launch is underway, as well as preparation for the flight demonstration in summer of 2020 and finally sales release in 2023.

▲Test Flight(unmanned)

About Flying Cars

Flying car is a general term for mobility with electric, autopilot, and vertical take-off and landing functions. Electrical Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) is another term used to describe this technology in the sector ‘Urban Air Mobility’. Uber announced that it will start business as a service platform in 2023, and eVTOLs have high hopes to become a key part of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). It is one of the next generation industries expected to expand to 1.5 Trillion USD globally by 2040 (* 1: Morgan Stanley survey). In Japan, the "Public-Private Conference for Future Air Mobility" has been held since 2018, and a roadmap (*2: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) has been established with the target of starting business by 2030. It is proposed to be used as a means of alleviation of congestion in developed countries, emergency use and transportation which does not require infrastructure in developing countries. As the first developer of flying cars in Japan, we will use these funds for the development costs of materials and human resources, to start manned flight tests this year.

*1: https://www.morganstanley.com/ideas/autonomous-aircraft

*2: https://www.meti.go.jp/english/press/2018/1220_004.html



SkyDrive Details

・Name:   SkyDrive Inc.

・Contact: info@cartivator.com

・Home page:    https://en-skydrive.amebaownd.com/


      Tokyo Office : Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

      Toyota Test Field : Asuke-chiku, Toyota-shi, Aichi, JAPAN

      Toyota R&D Center : SENTAN, Koromo-machi 2-1-1, Toyota-shi, Aichi, JAPAN

      Indoor Flight Test Port : Mifune-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi, JAPAN

※The following is the specific information for press. Please refrain from information disclosure via private SNS etc.【Contact detail for inquiries by press】

SkyDrive Inc. contact personnel : Sumie Miyauchi

Email address:info@cartivator.com

Recruitment details: https://en-skydrive.amebaownd.com/pages/2555955/recruit

Now, we are excited to announce that SkyDrive Inc. will attend the exhibition of IFA which will be held in Berlin, Germany from September 6th to 11th, 2019.

The display is in Japan Pavilion in Hall 26. Japan Pavilion is a part of “IFA NEXT” area. IFA NEXT is a global innovation hub bringing together researchers, industry professionals, start-ups and retailers for a dynamic transfer of knowledge, information and business ideas.

So, we are very honored to be able to exhibit with companies that drive innovation both in Japan and overseas.

We will bring the scale model of our flying car “SkyDrive” and image movie of the future life with the flying car to share our innovative challenge to the world! Please drop in and see us!!

Booth Number: Hall 26 211

IFA Official website: https://b2b.ifa-berlin.com/

In 2019, May 9th, Toyota city (The mayor: Toshihiko Ota), CARTIVATOR(Co-representatives: Tsubasa Nakamura, Tomohiro Fukuzawa), SkyDrive Inc. (President: Tomohiro Fukuzawa) concluded the agreement of “Flying Car Development” for new industry creation.

This agreement is to work on it with the aim to realize “Flying Car” of new epoch industry by promoting research & development of “Flying Car” and conducting the verification test for social implementation in Toyota city where people & companies of manufacturing gather.

With this agreement, strengthen the partnership between three parties and continue effort for industrialization of “Flying Car” in this area.

Toyota city mayor, Mr. Toshihiko Ota

Toyota city has developed with manufacturing industry, mainly car industries. However, revolutionary period has been reached by AI, IoT of technology revolution and energy conversion. Under these circumstances, the creation of new industry for the future is necessary besides the basic industry of car.

Toyota city established “Monozukuri creative base SENTAN” to provide comprehensive support for “new business”, ”creation of innovation” of manufacturers and provided the development base for the flying car and for indoor flight test.

We will support further for the practical use & industrialization of “Flying Car” with cooperation among three parties.

CARTIVATOR Co-representative: Tsubasa Nakmura, Tomohiro Fukuzawa
SkyDrive Inc. President: Tomohiro Fukuzawa

Thank you very much for the variety of means of supports such as the base of activity for CARTIVATOR and SkyDrive Inc. which started with people of interested in Toyota city.

By utilizing the demonstration field provided from Toyota city, we will develop “Flying Car”, conduct a verification test, then accelerate our activity for Manned-demo flight in 2020 and subsequent commercialization. I hope this agreement promote the discussion for social implementation and for cooperation with regional industry as well.

I would appreciate the support & advice with thought of everyone in Toyota-city, so we’ll go forward on development of “Flying Car”.

【Summary of Partnership agreement about “Flying Car” development for creation of new industry】

1. The name of the agreement

Partnership agreement about “Flying Car” development for creation of new industry

2. The date of agreement

May 9th (Thu) in 2019

3. Cooperation item of the agreement

(1) Related with Flying Car Research & DevelopmentTo promote R&D of “Flying Car”, develop the vehicle at “Monzukuri creation base SENTAN” or conduct both indoor & outdoor flight test at verification field in city-owned land, and aim to realize the first manned-flight in Japan.

(2) Related with the verification test for social implementation of Flying Car

To promote social implementation, consider the verification test through sorting the issues in each region of this city which is microcosms of Japan and discussion for the solution & information exchange.

(3) Related with the industrialization of Flying Car

Proceed with the investigation for matching with municipal manufacturers for industrialization by information exchange and discussion to improve Flying Car as reginal industry (mass-production, sales, service etc.)

4.  The role for three parties

■Toyota city:

Provision of the places for development & verification test, discussion with country & prefecture about legislation, sorting issues for reginal industrialization, provision of the opportunity for matching etc.

■CARTIVATOR / SkyDrive Inc.:

Vehicle development, Performance of flight test & verification test, Provision of examination data, Creation and improvement of business model for industrialization etc.