In 2019, May 9th, Toyota city (The mayor: Toshihiko Ota), CARTIVATOR(Co-representatives: Tsubasa Nakamura, Tomohiro Fukuzawa), SkyDrive Inc. (President: Tomohiro Fukuzawa) concluded the agreement of “Flying Car Development” for new industry creation.

This agreement is to work on it with the aim to realize “Flying Car” of new epoch industry by promoting research & development of “Flying Car” and conducting the verification test for social implementation in Toyota city where people & companies of manufacturing gather.

With this agreement, strengthen the partnership between three parties and continue effort for industrialization of “Flying Car” in this area.

Toyota city mayor, Mr. Toshihiko Ota

Toyota city has developed with manufacturing industry, mainly car industries. However, revolutionary period has been reached by AI, IoT of technology revolution and energy conversion. Under these circumstances, the creation of new industry for the future is necessary besides the basic industry of car.

Toyota city established “Monozukuri creative base SENTAN” to provide comprehensive support for “new business”, ”creation of innovation” of manufacturers and provided the development base for the flying car and for indoor flight test.

We will support further for the practical use & industrialization of “Flying Car” with cooperation among three parties.

CARTIVATOR Co-representative: Tsubasa Nakmura, Tomohiro Fukuzawa
SkyDrive Inc. President: Tomohiro Fukuzawa

Thank you very much for the variety of means of supports such as the base of activity for CARTIVATOR and SkyDrive Inc. which started with people of interested in Toyota city.

By utilizing the demonstration field provided from Toyota city, we will develop “Flying Car”, conduct a verification test, then accelerate our activity for Manned-demo flight in 2020 and subsequent commercialization. I hope this agreement promote the discussion for social implementation and for cooperation with regional industry as well.

I would appreciate the support & advice with thought of everyone in Toyota-city, so we’ll go forward on development of “Flying Car”.

【Summary of Partnership agreement about “Flying Car” development for creation of new industry】

1. The name of the agreement

Partnership agreement about “Flying Car” development for creation of new industry

2. The date of agreement

May 9th (Thu) in 2019

3. Cooperation item of the agreement

(1) Related with Flying Car Research & DevelopmentTo promote R&D of “Flying Car”, develop the vehicle at “Monzukuri creation base SENTAN” or conduct both indoor & outdoor flight test at verification field in city-owned land, and aim to realize the first manned-flight in Japan.

(2) Related with the verification test for social implementation of Flying Car

To promote social implementation, consider the verification test through sorting the issues in each region of this city which is microcosms of Japan and discussion for the solution & information exchange.

(3) Related with the industrialization of Flying Car

Proceed with the investigation for matching with municipal manufacturers for industrialization by information exchange and discussion to improve Flying Car as reginal industry (mass-production, sales, service etc.)

4.  The role for three parties

■Toyota city:

Provision of the places for development & verification test, discussion with country & prefecture about legislation, sorting issues for reginal industrialization, provision of the opportunity for matching etc.

■CARTIVATOR / SkyDrive Inc.:

Vehicle development, Performance of flight test & verification test, Provision of examination data, Creation and improvement of business model for industrialization etc.

Today, December 20, “The fourth council of officials and non-officials for transportation revolution” was held.

The representative for CARTIVATOR, Tsubasa Nakamura , and the representative for Sky Drive Inc., Tomohiro Fukuzawa, are participated in the council as members. The road map discussed frequently was published today. We will start business in 2023 (5 years later)!

NHK news

Homepage of Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry

The road-map of starting business in 2023(5 years later) is certain with our milestone!

The Minister of Economy, Trade and industry, Mr. Seko, strongly mentioned that “ Never turn out to be nothing but pie in the sky and try my best to overcome lots of issues like system organization, development of technology etc..”

The volunteer group, CARTIVATOR, and Sky Drive Inc. started the first Japanese outdoor flight test for the unmanned eVTOL (so-called flying car) in December, 2018 and succeeded the first flight on December 13, 2018.

We’ll overcome lots of technical problems by conducting design investigation tests after this, and further accelerate development for Manned car flight test in June 2019, Demo-flight in 2020, Sales release in 2023.

Furthermore, CARTIVATOR and SkyDrive Inc. will release a Future Movie, “Future World with SkyDrive – 2030” which shows the future mobility to utilize sky just like ground by the transportation revolution.

※ eVTOL(Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing)

■Inquiry about this topic

Volunteer group CARTIVATOR / SkyDrive Inc. P.R department

■About Volunteer group CARTIVATOR

Co-representative Director: Tomohiro Fukuzawa / Tsubasa Nakamura

■About SkyDrive Inc.

Representative Director: Tomohiro Fukuzawa

SkyDrive Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo / Representative: Tomohiro Fukuzawa)raised JPY 300 million fund by Drone Fund II (The official name: Chiba Dojo Drone Fund II investment Limited Partnership) With this fund raising, we will give wings to the development of flying cars and, further, the creation of the future mobile society.

 SkyDrive Inc. was established in July 2018 by people from volunteer group, CARTIVATOR targeting ”Demo-flight with flying car in 2020”.“Making a new epoch” is our mission, so Demo-flight in 2020(※), Sales release in 2023, Start mass production in 2026 are milestones and promote development / manufacturing / sales to put the flying cars in practical use.

※Toward the demo flight in 2020, we will develop flying car in collaboration with CARTIVATOR.

Drone Fund 2 deals with realization of the “Air mobility society” and puts work into the investment for the field related with flying cars. Drone Fund and SkyDrive were participated in the Public-Private Conference for the Future of Air Mobility. Both of us made presentations at the first meeting and develop a road map for realization of the flying cars.

The flying cars are anticipated to utilize in a time of disaster, to shorten the travel time, to improve travel convenience in isolated islands or mountains, to ensure quick delivery of both emergency and daily use.

Sky Drive and Drone Fund will accelerate each activity for revolution of sky transportation.

■Message from Representative Director: Kotaro Chiba

Drone Fund aims to realize the drone society and the air mobility society. It is possible to experience new sky transportation when the air mobility is utilized. Apply to disaster response, search and rescue can be expected too. SkyDrive Inc. was established by people with desire to make the flying car possible. SkyDrive Inc. has the potential to complete the first future car for free land & sky transportation in Japan and they should be supported. I hope that taking the lead for supporting by Drone Fund will be the movement to all Japan.

■Message from President: Tomohiro Fukuzawa

I really appreciate about the investment by our partner “Drone Fund” for realization of Air mobility society. It is the first time in about 100 years that new mobility industry is about to be started since Automotive & Aviation industry rose. The specialists from Aviation / Automotive / drone field gather and develop product which nobody sees. Beyond the industry, cooperate with private companies and government in aspects of technology, infrastructure, and institutional design, we will create products / service / atmosphere from scratch. This fund-raising will accelerate the project for “Free transportation world for everybody”.

■New Structure

Following this investment, Shintaro Takahashi - Partner and Chief Public Policy Officer of Drone Fund, will become an External Director of SkyDrive.

Furthermore, Mr. Mitsuhisa Kato – Chairman of TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC. and an advisor of CARTIVATOR, will take up the post of consultant for SkyDrive Inc.