CARTIVATOR starts outdoor flight test!

The volunteer group, CARTIVATOR, and Sky Drive Inc. started the first Japanese outdoor flight test for the unmanned eVTOL (so-called flying car) in December, 2018 and succeeded the first flight on December 13, 2018.

We’ll overcome lots of technical problems by conducting design investigation tests after this, and further accelerate development for Manned car flight test in June 2019, Demo-flight in 2020, Sales release in 2023.

Furthermore, CARTIVATOR and SkyDrive Inc. will release a Future Movie, “Future World with SkyDrive – 2030” which shows the future mobility to utilize sky just like ground by the transportation revolution.

※ eVTOL(Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing)

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Volunteer group CARTIVATOR / SkyDrive Inc. P.R department

■About Volunteer group CARTIVATOR

Co-representative Director: Tomohiro Fukuzawa / Tsubasa Nakamura

■About SkyDrive Inc.

Representative Director: Tomohiro Fukuzawa

SkyDrive Inc. - Flying car

SkyDrive Inc. is a start-up for development / manufacturing / sales of the “Flying cars” established by CARTIVATOR members.


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