Graduated from Chuo Japan Airlines College of Aeronautical Maintenance Department Helicopter Course.

After graduation, he engaged in maintenance work for helicopters at Aero Asahi Corporation. At that time, he was the youngest and first-class aviation mechanic (rotor) license ever.

He has over 10 years of experience as an avionics engineer. Mainly responsible for large machines (AW139, S-76, S-92).

Received the president's award for autopilot failure search for Kawasaki-style BK117C-2 helicopter.

Joined SkyDrive Inc. in 2019. Affiliation of technology development department, in charge of experiments, prototypes and flight tests.


SkyDrive Inc. - Flying car

SkyDrive Inc. is a start-up for development / manufacturing / sales of the “Flying cars” established by CARTIVATOR members.


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