SkyDrive will develop cargo drones with a payload of more than 100kg (depending on customer needs), using the safety and reliability know-how cultivated in established aircraft development standards and process.

A cargo drone service for transportation of heavy materials 

in various industries


Reduction in Labor Costs

Transportation of heavy goods (20-30kg) by people is hard work, especially in difficult terrain with movement up and down steps. 

Reduce transportation workload for workers and provide 'hands-free' solution to customers with cargo drone transportation.

Safety Enchancement

Slips and falls are likely to occur during transportation of heavy goods over difficult terrain

Avoid humans entering dangerous areas and difficult terrain, reducing accidents associated with heavy cargo transportation in these areas

Increased productivity

High skilled employees undertaking low skilled transportation work

Increase efficiency of high skilled workers, by generating time savings that 

can be spent on high value work

Use Case

Material transportation during tower maintenance or steel tower repair

Transportation of heavy agriculture equipment

Material transportation between civil engineering and construction sites

Emergency transportation during disasters

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