A Specialist team of Car / Airplane / Drone specialists

Tomohiro Fukuzawa


Graduated from Engineering dept., Tokyo University. Worked at Toyota Motor Co. for a global procurement of car parts. Won the Cost improvement prize by Toyota production method in many production fields. Participated in CARTIVATOR and became a Co-representative Director in 2014. Established management consultant company for manufacturing industry in 2017 and improved the business for more than 20 companies.

Shintaro Takahashi

Outside director

Drone Fund Partner / Chief Executive of public policy

Keio University Graduated school, specially-appointed professor of media and governance.

In Drone Fund, promote the activity to realize the Drone society and the Air mobility society as a public policy manager. In charge of strategic planning such as Industrial plan and System design for medium and long term, Infrastructure of society, Rule creation and Safety standard.

In Keio University, develop an education program and industry-university-government collaboration.

Sumie Miyauchi

Business Vice President

Graduated from the master’s degree of Management Globis university. In charged of editing, branding, internet marketing, partnership, R&D in Recruit Co. Experienced manager of marketing department for Recruit Co. Won several prizes such as Cannes Lions, Good design award. Participated in CARTIVATOR in 2017. For SkyDrive, in charge of business such as marketing, Human resource.

Kenichi Yamamoto

Engineering Vice President

Graduated from the master’s degree of Tokyo institute of technology. Developed robots in Toyota Motor Co. (Appointed in Silicon Valley for a year.) Participated in CARTIVATOR in 2015. Experienced the experiment leader, MBD for Control & Interface, and team leader of simulation environmental improvement, currently act as a project manager. In SkyDrive Inc., in charge of engineering such as Engineering management, vehicle development management.

Toshiro Ando

Technical Fellow

Head of flight unit. President of the construction company in tandem with Produce & fly with the RC of amphibious airplane for 40 years and produced more than 30 original drones. Participated in CARTIVATOR in 2017. In SkyDrive, in charge of Technical Fellow.

Takumi Yamamoto

Design Director

Born in Tokyo, Resident in Paris

In 2008, Won the LOUIS VUITTON CLASSIC AWARDS with GT by Citroen. Involved the design and creation mainly for one-off car or Hyper-car, and also robot, furniture, industrial products. President of the Design firm, Takumi Yamamoto. Participate in CARTIVATOR in 2018. In SkyDrive Inc., in charge of Design Director of the vehicle.

Takehiro Sato

Business Development

Graduated from the master’s degree of pharmaceutical dept., Tokyo University.

As a consultant in general consulting firm, worked for new business development and reengineering in manufacturing / retailing / construction industries.

Participate in CARTIVATOR in July, 2017, engaged operational plan or organizational design as a general affair leader. Take part in SkyDrive Inc. in October, 2018 and in charge of business development for cultivation of flying car market.


Mitsuhisa Kato

1953 : Born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido

1975 : Graduated from Mechanical Engineering dept., Hokkaido University

1975 : Joined Toyota Motor Co.

2000 : Became Chief Designer in R&D 1st sector, Toyota Motor Co.

2004 : Became Managing Director in Toyota Motor Co.

2006 : Became President- director in Toyota Technocraft Co., Ltd.

2006 : Became Advisor in Toyota Motor Co.

2010 : Became Managing director in Toyota Motor Co.

2011 : Became Executive director in Toyota Motor Co.

2012 : Became Executive vice-president in Toyota Motor Co.

2016 : Became Chairman of board of directors in TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC